Self-Guided Retreat

Tailored programs for stays ranging from 3 to 14 days
at Narbuli Retreat House

The purpose of the retreat…

…is to provide a space for self-reflection and personal growth.

To achieve this goal, Narbuli helps you:

  • disconnect from your usual tasks, routines, and schedules, allowing you to fully retreat from the world and focus on yourself.
  • find peace and quiet in order to relax your body and listen to your inner self.
  • rejuvenate through the restorative effects of nature, fresh air, deep sleep, and leisurely walks.
  • personalize your experience with archetypical rooms and specially tailored practices.
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How our self-guided retreat works:

We’ll begin with a 30-50 minute interview where we’ll discuss your current challenges and priorities in order to determine which archetypal room would be best suited for you.

When you arrive, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive guide to exercises and practices for self-work. Some of these practices are accompanied by an audio guide.

During your retreat, you’ll have plenty of free time to do your selected practices as well as engage in leisure activities such as walking, reading, swimming, cycling, or simply relaxing.

For those who are interested, you’ll have the opportunity to schedule intensive personal sessions with our team of specialists via video call.

At the end of your retreat, you’ll have another interview with the same specialist to discuss your results and how you can integrate them into your daily life.


How the archetypal space
can affect you

Narbuli Retreat House offers nine rooms, each uniquely designed to embody one of eight Jungian archetypes. By balancing these archetypes in your life, you can expand your own possibilities, find fulfillment, and make better decisions. Each room has a distinct ambiance that elicits a specific emotional response and immerses you in the energy of a particular archetype. This enables you to tap into the archetype’s energy and gain a deeper understanding of yourself.

Explore our Archetypal Rooms

There are nine rooms at Narbuli Retreat House, each designed to reflect a specific archetype.
Learn more about it!
Archetypal Rooms

Individual support

To enhance your retreat experience, we offer individual support upon request. You will have the opportunity to work with a specialist from Narbuli Retreat House for one hour daily via Zoom. The specialist will utilize various psychosynthetic methods and coaching to help you maximize the benefits of your retreat.

Silence and solitude

For adults living in modern society, taking a break to detoxify your body and mind is essential. A few days spent in silence, sleeping in complete darkness with the help of blackout curtains to block out the morning sun, and waking up naturally without an alarm clock can have significant benefits.

Retreat House Narbuli offers all of this, along with a unique blend of relaxation, urban comfort, and hedonism. Guests can enjoy gatherings by the fireplace, take a sauna, or even skinny dip in the lake during the summer. The importance of spending time in solitude for busy people cannot be overstated and there are numerous studies showing its integral importance for mental health.

Self-guided retreat

3-14 nights
Individual support — €100/hour
Included in the price:
  • Accommodation at Narbuli Retreat House
  • Two interview sessions, one before and one after the retreat
  • A set of personal practices for the retreat
  • A music player for your room
  • Wi-Fi
  • Use of the practice room for personal practice or meditation
  • A fully-equipped kitchen
  • Sauna
  • Parking spaces
Not included in the price:
  • Transportation expenses
  • Insurance
  • Schengen visa (if needed)
  • Meals
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Please note that only one additional person can stay in the retreat house at the same time as you, and they will be accommodated on a different floor. If you are traveling with a companion, you can choose from three rooms that can accommodate two people: Inner Child, Magician, and Lover.


Meals are not included in the retreat price. However, there are several options available for arranging meals:


You have the option to prepare your own meals in our fully-equipped kitchen, complete with all necessary utensils and equipment. Basic supplies such as salt, sugar, tea, and coffee are provided for your convenience. If you prefer, we can also arrange for grocery delivery during your stay.


A spa hotel with a restaurant serving fusion cuisine based on excellent Latvian produce is just a 15-minute walk from our retreat house.

Food delivery

We can help arrange for meal delivery from restaurants in the nearby town of Cēsis, located 12 km from Narbuli Retreat House.



Narbuļi, Amatciems, Drabešu pagasts, Amatas novads, LV-4101

How to find us

GPS: 57.225185, 25.303144

Shuttle service

If you need a transfer to Narbuli Retreat House, please get in touch and we will let you know which options are available.


Please select suitable dates for you

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Once we receive your request, we will contact you to conduct an interview and confirm your booking.
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Woman, 34 years old, Marketing Director
“I spent 3 days in the King’s room. I was especially surprised by how comfortable I felt there. Despite the fact that the interior did not…
Woman, 28 years old, CCO
“I spend 90% of my time in the room lying in the bed. You feel the same way you felt when you were just a kid.…

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I bring with me?

Latvia has very changeable weather, so even if you are coming in the summer, it’s a good idea to bring something warm (a sweater, fleece, or hoodie) and windproof. 

Bring comfortable sportswear that you can move around in. You don’t need to bring yoga mats or cushions as we have plenty of those in the yoga and meditation hall. 

There are many hiking and cycling trails around Narbuli Retreat House, so bring clothes and shoes for outdoor activities. If you want to go fishing, bring your own fishing gear. Fishing with a rod in Latvia doesn’t require a license, and there is an ideal lake right outside where you can fish and swim. The village and landscape allow for nude swimming, but if that’s not for you, bring swimwear.

What if we want to come as a couple?

If you want to come with your partner and stay together, we will place you in the Lover Room with a double bed, and the entire basement floor with a sauna and fireplace will be at your disposal. Moreover, we offer special practices to help develop and strengthen your relationship.

If you want to come with a friend, you will be staying in different archetypical rooms, each suited to your individual needs. You will spend some time in solitude and engage in individual practices.

If you want to come with a business partner, it may be useful for you to stay in the Magician Room, where you can privately discuss business matters (this room has two beds, each measuring 120 x 200cm).

Do you offer a shuttle service?

We can organize one for you at an additional cost if needed.

Is the room equipped with all the necessary hygiene amenities?

You will be given a set of towels, and liquid soap is available in the bathrooms. Sauna sheets are in the anteroom. If you forget your toothbrush or shampoo, we’ve got you covered 🙂

Are there any restrictions when staying at Narbuli Retreat House?

We can only accommodate adult guests without children or pets.

Quiet hours are enforced from 10:00pm to 8:00am.

During the day, loud conversations, singing, playing musical instruments, and other noisy activities are allowed inside the house, behind closed doors and windows.

Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the house and on the terraces, even if you use IQOS or e-cigarettes. If you smoke, there is a designated smoking area called “Window View” on the property.

Drones can only be flown after obtaining permission from the house owners.

Learn more about the Narbuli Retreat House rules.

How can I get to Narbuli Retreat House?

The retreat house is located near Cēsis, approximately 84 km from Riga along the A2 highway.

To get there, you can take a train or a bus to Cēsis and then a taxi to the retreat house.

The train runs 5 times a day, with travel times ranging from 1 hour 17 minutes to 1 hour 50 minutes.

The intercity bus runs 10 times a day, with a travel time of about 2 hours.

The taxi number in Cēsis is +371 268 97 530 


Do you have any other questions?

If you didn’t find the answer you were looking for, please feel free to ask us your question!

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