Narbuli Retreat House

The world’s only archetypal house

Embrace the wisdom and strength of archetypes


  • A unique and unusual location by a lake in the Amatciems forest, blending modern urban comfort with the tranquility of nature.
  • Nine archetypal rooms, each designed to imbue guests with specific energies.
  • Well-equipped facilities, including a practice room, terrace, kitchen and dining area, sauna, and cozy fireplace lounge, providing everything necessary for productive and engaging group work for up to 12 people.
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This is a unique place…

…located in the heart of Latvia, our special retreat is the only archetypal house in the Baltic. It offers a serene and secluded environment allowing you to focus on deep inner work. The nine archetypal rooms are each designed to induce different states of mind and facilitate the disclosure and integration of specific unconscious content.

The transformative programs…

…offered at our retreat house are developed by experienced and trustworthy experts who provide professional guidance and support. Participants can gain clarity and find solutions to life’s challenges in a safe and supportive environment. Our aim is to assist individuals in their journey towards personal growth and development, helping them to discover their own inner resources and potential.

Our Location

Narbuli Retreat House is a modern and spacious cottage located in Amatciems – the most unique village in Latvia – just 80km away from Riga, Latvia’s capital city.

For those flying in, the nearest airport is Riga International Airport, which is approximately 97km away.

Narbuļi, Amatciems, Drabešu pagasts, Amatas novads, LV-4101

GPS: 57.225185, 25.303144


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Archetypal rooms

At one point or another, everyone experiences the dominant energy of a particular archetype whilst potentially lacking the energy of another that is necessary for growth and development. At Narbuli, guests stay in unique rooms designed to facilitate a connection with one specific archetype and are equipped with practices, meditations, and individual tasks that promote personal development. By staying in these rooms, individuals can gain insight into themselves, their desires, goals, and ways to achieve them.

The founders of the house are professional psychologists and coaches who guide guests in choosing the most appropriate room for their personal needs. Narbuli is made up of nine uniquely decorated rooms, each reflecting a different archetype that is important for modern individuals seeking success and harmony. Our rooms are tailored to the specific needs of guests, providing them the opportunity to explore their own psyche and cultivate personal growth. 

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    Tatiana Sycheva

    Tatiana Sycheva

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