Terms and Conditions for Purchasing Goods and Services

1. Scope and Validity of Terms

1.1. The terms are valid between the person (hereinafter ‘Client’) and the webpage www.retreatlatvia.com (hereinafter ‘Site’) for all legal matters related to the purchasing of products and services at Site.

1.2. When purchasing services and products via Site, the laws of the Republic of Latvia are in force in addition to the current Terms and Conditions.

1.3. The transactions made at Site must be made by a Client with capacity who is at least 18 years of age. If a Client undertakes the transaction contrary to the regulations, the person whose bank account or debit/credit card is used, is responsible for said transaction.

2. Rates

2.1. All prices and rates are quoted in Euros (€) and include taxes levied by the Republic of Latvia.

2.2. Rates and pertinent terms are published at Site. Prepayment is obligatory for some rates. Confirmation of payment inter alia implies confirmation of rate Terms and Conditions.

3. Confirming the Purchase of Goods or Services

3.1. In order to purchase goods or services from Site, Client must provide his/her name, surname, phone number, and email address as well as dates of use for the goods or services. Data is processed in accordance with the Privacy Policy outlined on Site.

3.2. The purchase of goods or services on Site is considered confirmed as soon as Client has received written confirmation via the email address that Client has indicated in accordance with Terms and Conditions.

4. Cancellation, Changes, and Refunds

4.1. Cancellation, change, and refund terms are indicated on Site at the time of purchase of goods or services, and a significant excerpt of the terms will be sent to Client’s indicated email address along with the confirmation of purchase.

4.2. Cancellation, change, and refund of purchase is performed on Site or via the client department by phone +371 22470084.

4.3. Cancellation, change, and refund of purchase is possible also if demanded by rules and regulations of the Republic of Latvia.

4.4. Goods and services purchased on Site will be available on the dates they were booked for. Dates cannot be changed and in the case of purchased services or goods not being used, they cannot be refunded unless the purchasing terms of the specific services or goods state otherwise.

4.5. To make changes to an existing purchase of goods or services, the given purchase needs to be canceled on Site, and a new purchase must be made, taking into account that the availability and/or price of the service on other dates may be different.

4.6. If Client has purchased accommodation services for a specific date, but has not arrived to use the service by 23:59 EET of that day, and has not notified the Retreat House of the delay; if Client has purchased any other services or goods for a specific date, but has not arrived to consume it within one hour of the specified time; or if cancellation of the use of goods or services has not been performed within the time limit specified in the stated purchasing terms, Retreat House has the right to withhold the sum of payment for accommodation services, all prepaid sums for other goods or services in full amount, as well as cancellation fees and any other direct costs that arise in connection with the failure to use the purchase.

5. Privacy Policy

5.1. All personal information provided by Client whilst making a purchase during online booking is confidential and subject to all current data protection laws.

5.2. Retreat House has the right to collect personal information provided by Client. Retreat House does not release personal information to third parties without explicit consent from Client, except in cases demanded by law.

5.3. The personal data required by Site is: first name, last name, address, telephone number, and the email address of Client.

5.4. Payment card data is stored safely in accordance with payment card industry safety standards.

6. Obligations of Retreat House Towards Clients

If after confirmation of accommodation purchase from Site, Retreat House cannot accommodate Client in the category of room that has been booked, Retreat House is obliged to offer, without any extra payment, a room in another hotel of similar or higher standard in the vicinity of Retreat House.

7. Obligations of Clients Towards Retreat House

7.1. Clients are obliged to observe the rules of conduct of Retreat House, including, but not limited to, abstention from the use of alcohol and refraining from smoking on the premises of Retreat House. Smoking, including electronic cigarettes and tobacco heating systems, is only allowed outside in a designated area. The obligation of Clients is to appropriately compensate Retreat House according to the penalties as laid out in the Terms and Conditions.

7.2. Client is obliged to, prior to departure, pay for all received goods and services.

8. General Information

8.1. The Retreat House room will be available at an agreed time in accordance with the purchased package of services. Additional information is available by calling +371 29111606 (from 10:00 to 18:00).

8.2. Retreat House only accepts adults over the age of 18.

8.3. Client and Retreat House agree on following contractual penalties:

8.3.1. Smoking on the premises of Retreat House, including balconies and terraces, costs EUR250.

8.3.2. Damaging or removing any Retreat House inventory costs EUR250.

8.3.3. Making excessive noise that disturbs the sleep of other guests and residents in the village costs EUR250.

8.4. Pets are not allowed in Retreat House.

8.5. Parking is free of charge for Retreat House guests in the designated parking area.

9. Miscellaneous

9.1. All complaints regarding a purchase from the online booking between Client and Retreat House are resolved by negotiation. If an agreement is not reached, the Client may apply to the Consumer Rights Protection Center. In the case of complaints and questions not addressed herein, the laws of the Republic of Latvia should be referred to.

9.2. In the case of Russian and English versions of the Terms and Conditions differing, the former takes precedence.

9.3. Retreat House may turn to debt collection agents if Client is unable to pay for their used goods and services.


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