Archetype of the Warrior

Archetype of the Warrior

The Warrior Archetype represents the part of our personality that helps establish and preserve healthy boundaries within our inner realm, working to create and safeguard our sense of self-worth.

The defender of "territory"

In myths and legends, the Warrior is depicted as a brave hero who saves damsels in distress and, at the cost of his own life, carries out the orders of the ruler to protect the kingdom and expand its domains.


The energy of the Warrior archetype gives us the ability to protect and expand our territory. On the external, physical level, the concept of “territory” encompasses not only the home but also our body and life in the world. In our psyche, “territory” relates to our sense of Self, our Ego. The Warrior archetype is a part of our personality that helps us establish and maintain appropriate boundaries around our own inner territory, that is, to create and protect our sense of self-worth.


This archetype gives us the courage and strength to expand our sphere of influence in the external world. We achieve this by setting goals and taking actions to achieve them. The energy of the Warrior allows us to manage the boundaries of our inner and outer lives. When this archetype is manifested, it gives us the ability to defend and assert our interests. This archetype also gives us the ability to manage time, money, and other resources necessary for life. It is the power of the inner Warrior that enables us to make choices, because choice is like a battle between two alternatives, one of which must win and the other must be defeated.

Controlling Warrior energy

Warrior energy is that part of ourselves which is closer to the earth. It can be characterized as reliable and pragmatic, allowing us to take the actions necessary for success in society. This includes commitment and discipline. The energy of the Warrior enables us to fulfill our obligations, carry out planned actions, be as efficient and productive as possible, and maintain our own integrity.

To access Warrior energy, it is necessary to have contact with the emotion of anger. When we become angry, we can use this feeling as a signal that something or someone is violating our boundaries. In this case, we can use the energy of our Warrior to defend or correct our own boundaries.

If our Warrior energy is suppressed or in our Shadow, we are likely to feel uncertain. It will be difficult for us to say “no” and establish our own boundaries. Perhaps we will not be able to make a choice. In the end, instead of protecting our possessions or defending what rightfully belongs to us, we will sacrifice ourselves and follow the wishes of other people. Perhaps anger and conflict scare us, and therefore we will try to avoid them at any cost. We will allow other people to use and deceive us.

If the energy of the Warrior captures us, we tend to expand our territory in radical ways. We become aggressive, intimidate other people, and possibly mock them. The attacking side of the Warrior can get out of control. On the other hand, the defensive side of the Warrior can also get out of control. In some instances, the Warrior archetype may compel an individual to adopt an impenetrable defense and establish boundaries so rigid that they resemble a solid stone wall, isolating the person from others.

These Shadow aspects, both obvious and hidden, are exacerbated when the main trauma of the Warrior is exposed. This trauma carries a hurtful message that for some reason, we do not really exist as a fully-fledged person separate from other people. “You are nobody without us,” “you have no right to decide for yourself,” “you have nothing here” – parents may have transmitted these messages explicitly or implicitly. We can accept this message if our boundaries are constantly violated and we are not allowed to have our own thoughts, perform our own actions, or have our own physical space as we grow up. As a result, we have no clear boundaries around our Ego or who we are. We try to define our boundaries and express ourselves through uncontrollable Warrior energy.

Warrior's Room

The Warrior’s Room has everything you need to accomplish important work, make a breakthrough in a crucial matter, and be in good physical shape. It features a height-adjustable desk, a treadmill, a Swedish wall, and weights, as well as a spacious but not overly soft bed. The Warrior’s practices are aimed at developing one’s willpower and abilities and consistently pursuing one’s goals.

To find out if the room and practices are right for you, you can schedule an interview.

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